At LaRue Marketing, we take pride in partnering with organizations that make a significant impact in their industry. Our project with SEMO CLE is a perfect example of how we help our clients achieve their goals through effective web design and custom solutions.

Client Background: SEMO CLE

SEMO CLE is a premier organization dedicated to continuing legal education for lawyers in Southeast Missouri. With a mission to provide high-quality educational opportunities, SEMO CLE helps legal professionals stay updated with the latest developments and industry trends. Their annual Continuing Legal Education event is a staple for Missouri lawyers seeking to fulfill their CLE requirements.

Project Overview

For the Annual Southeast Missouri CLE, SEMO CLE needed a one-page website with an integrated and custom registration process that accommodates both in-person and remote attendees. We were excited to take on this project and deliver a solution that meets their needs.

The Solution:

We designed and developed to be user-friendly and efficient. Here are some key features:

  • Custom Registration Process: We created a seamless registration system that allows attendees to register for the event, choose between in-person and remote attendance, and securely process payments.
  • Event Information: The website provides comprehensive details about the Annual Southeast Missouri CLE event, including the date, location, agenda, and speaker bios.
  • Accessibility: To ensure the event is accessible to all Missouri lawyers, we integrated a live-streaming option via Zoom, allowing remote participation.
  • Support for a Cause: This year, the proceeds from the event will benefit “Inspire Hope,” a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring individuals to break generational cycles of poverty and incarceration.

At LaRue Marketing, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. We are thrilled to support SEMO CLE in their mission to provide top-notch legal education and make a positive impact on the community.

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