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Hello! I'm Tricia LaRue.

I’m a marketing professional with over a decade of experience leading marketing efforts for multi-million dollar companies. My experience spans multiple industries from engineering software to banking to the wine industry. Though industries changed, the focus has stayed the same: to create value by designing and managing viable market offerings.

Marketing is both an art and a science. As an art, it’s an intuitive skill that relies on creativity and imagination. As a science, it’s a set of principles soundly grounded in logic and data to create market value. I truly enjoy living in both spaces, the creative and structured.

LaRue Marketing Company is a marketing agency built on efficiency. I’ve partnered with industry leading solutions and providers to help our clients succeed without the overhead of larger, traditional marketing agencies.

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We help clients map out the customer journey to find the most concise and direct route to purchase. The more clear the path, the more efficient your marketing dollars will work for your business.

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