At LaRue Marketing, we are dedicated to helping organizations that make a profound impact on their communities. Our collaboration with Love Thy Neighbor (LTN) demonstrates our commitment to creating cohesive and inspiring brand identities for non-profit organizations.

Client Background: Love Thy Neighbor

Founded in the small town of Viburnum, Missouri, Love Thy Neighbor (LTN) is a testament to what unity and faith can achieve. Born from the hearts of the First Baptist Church of Viburnum congregation, LTN has blossomed into a multi-denominational, construction-based ministry with a simple yet profound mission: “We do for others what they can’t do for themselves because Jesus did for us what we can’t do for ourselves.” This initiative reflects their belief in serving the community, embodying Jesus’ teachings through action.

Project Overview

Love Thy Neighbor had an outdated logo and lacked brand guidelines or a comprehensive website. They needed a formalized brand identity and an online platform to support their growing mission, including the potential for franchising as the concept expands into other towns.

The Solution

We provided a range of services to elevate and formalize the brand and digital presence of Love Thy Neighbor:

At LaRue Marketing, we are committed to helping non-profit organizations like Love Thy Neighbor thrive by creating a cohesive and inspiring brand presence. We’re proud to support their mission of transforming communities with compassion and construction.

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