Featured Work: Guns & Honey

I had the pleasure of helping a brand new business, Guns & Honey, in my home town of Van Buren, MO. This new outdoor store carries firearms, ammunition, fishing, and outdoor recreation supplies. They also carry several different local honey brands… hence the “Honey” of the Guns & Honey. The owners had spent a great deal of time and effort to make the store clean, organized and beautiful, but were in assistance of their online presence. Most importantly, they needed to let people know they were open for business!

The owner had already created a primary logo, signs for the building, and had great interior and exterior photos. But beyond that, there was a great opportunity to create a strong digital footprint.

After meeting with the owner to assess their goals for the marketing, I got to work and within several weeks was able to deliver on all items in the proposal. Within two weeks of launching the Facebook page, the page had over 30,000 people reached, 4,000 engagements and 300 shares – all organic social traffic! That is a testament how excited the area is for the shop to be open!

Overall, the client is happy and has a steady steam of foot traffic coming in the door. Sweet as honey!

Work Completed for Client

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